Creativity, Play & Innovation event visionstorm space


Let’s use this space to do some dreaming into the why and who of this conference event around the role, practices and audience dealing with creativity, play and innovation.

A simple exercise to begin the visioning process will help move us along. Assume there is something that wants to happen–a higher purpose which we can serve and source.  Our intent now is to become empty vessels as much as possible–freer of our own biases, likes, dislikes and even the boundaries of our own knowing. We want to tap into the larger teacher or wisdom source within each one of us.

We’ll do this with a method of preparation, a question and then a recording of the response.

Play with these instructions as you like, and modify them to suit your own inclinations:

-Relax. Lie down if you want. Scan the body from head to toe and le go of any tension–head, neck, arms, torso, hips, legs, feet.  Do this a second time. Feel how much lighter you are.

-Take three, long deep inhalations and exhalations. Imagine on the exhale expelling any mind-chatter, busy-ness and random thoughts.

-Now imagine you are standing before an ocean that is limitless–see it, hear it, feel the water. This is the ocean of your mind–with no beginning or end.

-Ask of this ocean a question or questions pertaining to our inquiry, like: (a) What wants to happen with this event or (b) what is the seed inspiration that is trying to come through here (c) any other question that comes to mind.

-Then wait and experience the answer. Might be in the form of words, sound, music, an image or images. Record what you experience in whatever way/channel you want–writing, drawing, singing, reference to other media.

Then let’s share here what came up and start to synthesize the outcomes.

8 Responses

  1. First session. I’m seeing a drop of water suspended in the air; now a swirling worm hole in deep space; now a child twirling a yellow flower near her cheek. They’re somehow all connected. From the micro to the macro a thread of consciousness runs, a creative imagination and profound wisdom out of which everthing that is, was or ever will be arises.

    Mike’s comment: not sure what all this means for us in terms of an event, but I’ll sit with the seeds of these images and thoughts and see what else comes up. Welcome to all to join in.

    This may be called co-imagining a dimension of co-intelligence. In that vein, check out:,

  2. Drops of light sparkle on the ocean surface then quickly I am submerged into the depths and find myself face to face with a many tendril woman or many colors, textures, and layers of garments who speaks to me in a very firm voice, very low voice, saying, Take care, or you might miss out on the unexpected below the ocean floor.

    Vastness, Light, Depth, Surrender, Expansiveness, Multiplicity leading to Unexpected Pleasures?

    Mike & Steve–indeed do know of Ken Robinson’s work….didn’t click into name when you mentioned it Mike….thank you both for extra resources. Any BODY else want to play?

  3. Today, I am thinking about the idea of “radical democracy,” which I read about related to how the dance company, Pilobolus, manages itself by applying the same creative process they use in the studio to how they operate as an organization. It is making me thinking about the “creative alternatives” concept again, too. So….radical creative alternatives?! At the core, so much of what we are talking about is doing things different….thinking differently….finding and applying alternatives….in many cases, being radical.

    In an event, hopefully we, too, apply an approach of radical democracy in our shared planning, as well as what happens at the event itself.

    More thoughts to follow…..

  4. I keep imagining our conference as a way that we revolutionize the way people experience themselves and the experience of being in community with others — a interwoven experience for all who come together. I see many layers of activities that connect people in creative fun ways that highlight the creative genius of the collective. After a conversation with a dear friend this week, I keep getting seeing an image of our whole time together being spent in one big, layered game about rebirth and renaissance — creating a vibrant, interconnected community together — a deep experience that shows how to use our creativity and innovation at multiple levels to create and evolve the world we want to see.

    • I like ” rebirth and renaissance” and “creating a vibrant, interconnected community together” as I think about how the rebirth and renaissance of Haiti might be profoundly different if they view that task of re-creating their country as a “creative community”.

  5. I would say it is obvious I have been working too much and playing too little.

    After re-listening to the WHY question, and Robinson, it made me wonder if we would all just like to get together for a long chat and a cup of tea and skip all the work. On the other hand, I am guessing that we will have a lively conversation tomorrow pondering just that question…why? Is it possible that one small group of four people could really change the world of creativity in a meaningful way?

    Maybe the question is why not?

    • I certainly believe that the four of us can change the world of creativity – and through creativity – in a meaningful way. Indeed, why not? And, furthermore, as a recent UK documentary about creative education said in its title: “We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For.” I know without doubt the whatever the four of put in motion will almost immediately draw others into our playful possibilities. Yesterday, two directors from a major national dance company expressed their interest in collaborating on a conference. Last night, a formerly incarcerated woman whose life was stunted by a lack of creativity and then transformed through creativity shared her amazing story in my class. She reinforced and reminded us of the power of creativity to shape lives and communities in positive ways. My other guest introduced play and movement from the Waldorf education movement. He and his colleagues, local and international, would be great complements to what we are doing. In April, my class will host a public Imagination Conversation, as part of a national initiative to do similar conversations around the country. Two artists/teachers have agreed to visually capture the live conversation. And perhaps bring one of their digital media classes into the endeavor to animate or film or both the conversation. People like this are out there to connect with whatever we do next. And they are the tiny tip of the iceberg.

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