About Mike Seymour: author of this blog

I was raised in New England in a culture of social privelege and spiritual unconsciousness, a troublesome combination because I thought I was at the apex of society, but actually in the deepest delusion.  I externalized my unhappiness by being a trouble-maker and getting kicked out of the same school twice. My teen years were really lost. This was the good news. Something in me knew I was living a false story.

Sometime around my first marriage and after lots of therapy, I had an initial sense of something bigger beyond the material plane. That led me west to Washington state in 1978 where I had a significant spiritual awakening, leading to further unfoldings to the present day. The writings of great teachers from Christian, Buddhist, and non-dual traditions, workshops and meditation retreats have been a staple for my inner work. At some point, I realized I had most of the key teachings I needed. Then it became a matter of making them my own in an authentic way–understanding the one and greatest teacher is in me and how I engage with life experience–and taking what I had learned out into the world to serve the needs that called to me.

I have a heart calling to work on behalf of youth either directly or through working with their parents and teachers. In the mid-1980’s I became a family therapist, and then a consultant and trainer working with schools and teachers. That led me to do workshops and consult with the organization I now own and am President of, which is The Heritage Institute–a program of continuing education for teachers which operates mostly in the Northwest, but with distance  courses reaching teachers anywhere. I founded Youth for a New World, a non-profit whose first program, AfricaAmericaExchange linked students from Washington State and the central African country of Burundi through email and letter exchange. Kids here also got a wake-up call learning about the social injustices and civil wars in that region, and were involved in raising funds to help the victims of ethnic violence to rebuild their hearts and homes. I wrote a book about the Burundian peacemaker whose connections to youth in Burundi make this project possible.

In 2004 I wrote and edited a book titled Educating for Humanity: Rethinking the Purposes of Education, which was my attempt to define what I think education should be all about given what’s important to people at this time in history.

I also loved my work as board member and interim Executive Director of Community for Youth, a Seattle mentoring program for at-risk inner city students operating in three high schools.

My vision is to help young people see the beauty, goodness and heart within themselves and find their own special way to bring that bigness to their communities and the world in need.